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Jayakusuma Line offers fully-containerized services within Indonesian main port with the hub ports in Jakarta and Surabaya. Main commodities in domestic trade such as : rice, flours, sugar, cements, and other general cargo using container. All these commodities were using bulk/ general cargo vessel in the past, with the demand on safer, efficient and effective cargo transportation, now shifted to use more and more on containerized.

Jayakusuma Line on the domestic routes offer services :

  - Jakarta – Makassar
  - Jakarta – Bitung/Manado
  - Jakarta – Surabaya
  - Jakarta – Palu
  - Surabaya – Makassar
  - Surabaya – Bitung/Manado
  - Surabaya – Jakarta

For each route service, Jayakusuma Line provides a minimum two vessel calls per month and a maximum of eight calls per month.

With our affiliate company and other partner, we could offer other logistic services within indonesian main port.

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